Big changes for exServices Recruitment

Since we started exServices Recruitment in mid 2016, we have been thrilled with the support that you – the exServices personnel around NZ – have shown to the concept. We firmly believe that exServices personnel have a skillset that can provide them and their employer with an advantage over the compe… Read more

Returning Police and Foreign Recruits

Calls are mounting for more police on the roads as the summer holiday road toll officially closed at 19 – seven more than last year. The police union and Labour Party are pointing the finger for the surge in holiday deaths at cutbacks to dedicated road police, and say it shows more cops are needed … Read more

Are you having a mid-life career crisis?

Welcome to middle age, when you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour: growing family, dwindling mortgage, job stability. Well, maybe not that last one. The workplace is changing rapidly, and we all know the days of a job for life are long-gone. You have to work a lot harder to stay relevant in you… Read more

Thank you to the visiting Naval ships

A huge thank you to the ships and crews here as part of the RNZN's 75th anniversary events. They have lent a hand to help those in need in Kaikoura - just as allies have always done. This picture was taken on Sunday 20th November on a glorious Wellington day......the five ships stopped in on their w… Read more

Job Opportunity for ex CIB staff / Detectives

Calling all ex Detectives, Detective Sergeants and qualified ex CIB staff looking for an overseas employment opportunity. We are working with an NZ registered organisation that operates in SE Asia, targeting organised crime involved in Human Trafficking. They are looking for: -       experienced D… Read more

How to get through a civilian job interview

For those who aren’t so inclined, the interview process feels like running against the wind — with an open parachute strapped to your back. But, for livelihood’s sake, we must be successful in interviews. Although interviews are primarily employers asking you questions and you giving your best answe… Read more

9 ways Defence Force members add value to a company

The reality is that most Kiwi civilian employers do not understand the value that ex Service personnel can add to their organisation. This is the exact reason exServices Recruitment has been established, to educate employers on the value that ex Military, Police and Fire personnel bring to their org… Read more

How do ex-Military personnel get a job?

One of the biggest challenges when making the transition from Police, Military or other services, can be finding the right role to start or continue your civilian employment. Here is an excellent article written by David Penman from NJN, one of Australia's largest ADF transition specialists. The ci… Read more

Have you served in our Military or Emergency Services?

exServices Recruitment is a very unique business within the New Zealand recruitment industry. At its core, exServices Recruitment facilitates and manages the recruitment of Military and Emergency Services personnel into private sector companies. Leveraging off Andrew's background in the New Zealand… Read more

Introducing exServices Recruitment

Here at Superior Personnel, we are thrilled to announce the rollout of exServices Recruitment. As part of the temporary and permanent recruitment and HR services Superior Personnel currently offer, we are now working with ex Military, Police and Fire staff to assist them with the transition into civ… Read more