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At Superior Personnel we have 40 years combined experience specialising in industrial and commercial temporary and permanent placements.  In short, we really know what we're talking about and love to share our knowledge!

How to write your resignation letter

Thanks to Gemma Pritchard in our Waikato branch, here is some very sound advice for what to put in your resignation letter when that time comes.  Whilst it may be tempting to say “I quit!” in a letter of resignation, it’s best not to. You’ll be remembered for the way you end your employment, so it’… Read more

Minimum Wage Rise on 1st April 2016

The Government has just announced the minimum wage will rise to $15.25 / hr on 1st April 2016. The increase will benefit almost 153,000 workers, and increase wages throughout the economy by 75 million per year. Read more

Reference Check - The Final Check?

Thanks to Kya Brewer from our Waikato Branch for today's post.  Congrats! Your one step closer to a job. Your CV has been a success, you went through your interview with flying colours, and you’ve had the chance of meeting the amazing people you could quite possibly be working with, now the only th… Read more

Unemployment drops to 5.3% - a six year low

New Zealand unemployment unexpectedly fell to near a six-year low in the final three months of 2015 as people left a labour market flooded by strong migration and as employers took on more workers, according to this report recently from the New Zealand Herald. The unemployment rate fell to 5.3 perc… Read more

What is the Value of the TPP to small and medium business?

We generally try to avoid posting politically charged items in our blogs, but with the TPP about to be signed, it is worth looking to see what benefits exist for small and medium businesses from the TPP. This deal was initially negotiated by Helen Clark and then finalised under the current Governme… Read more

Clint Hackworth - Health and Safety champion

Congratulations to Clint Hackworth, our Health and Safety champion this month. While on assignment at a client, Clint noted that a machine lacked a safety cut-off switch. Once advised, the client has made immediate changes to the machine safety. Clints actions have directly contributed to a safer wo… Read more

Why having your drivers licence is so important

Having a drivers licence significantly increases a young person’s chance of being able to get that all-important first job, especially in a city where public transport can often be unsuitable. Now, students are to be given the chance to earn NCEA credits by obtaining driver licences, Education Minis… Read more

Welcome Rachael Skinner to the SPL team

On behalf of everyone at Superior Personnel, we are thrilled to welcome Rachael Skinner to the Auckland office as a Senior Recruitment Consultant. You can contact Rachael on (027) 5550577 or rachael@superiorpersonnel.co.nz. Rachael holds a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching and has worke… Read more

Why we don't support Indeed.com or Jobomas

Some of you may have noticed job advertisements for Superior Personnel popping up in unusual places......websites like Jobomas and Indeed.com. While this might seem like a good thing at first glance, it isn't.  These websites "lift" our job ads off our website and Trade Me Jobs and Seek. They then … Read more

The truth behind the myths of using Temporary Staff

This week, Workpro released their findings from a survey of 8,157 Temporary and Contract workers. Over recent years, there has been a substantial increase in temporary working arrangements. The survey was designed to ask about peoples motivation for taking temporary work, their understanding of the … Read more