Applying for jobs

Posted by Andrew on August 10, 2020


Finding a job can sometimes be very hard and challenging, especially trying to find something in your field.

Make sure you read the advert properly and that you do not miss out the smallest details. Some job adverts specifically ask for experience, for example some of the jobs we advertise such as class 2 & 4 driver role need at least 1-2 years experience. Where as some job adverts require certain licenses in order to secure an interview. These are for various reasons, for e.g. warehouse and store-person roles require fork-hoist licenses with experience as you will be using them constantly during work.  

Make sure your resume is up-to date and the cover letter is not a generic one and is customised to the position you are wanting to apply for. Do not apply for any jobs by just reading the job name. If there is a job advertised for ‘Fork Hoist Operators’ make sure to read what is required from the potential candidate including the job description. Some clients ask for Stock-picker licence or OSH along with fork-hoist licence in order for you application to be considered and moved to the next stage.

If you are unsure of what the role is and need more detail, it’s best to call them up and discuss any doubts. Let them know what you have been doing  with a quick overview of your experiences, ask them if you would be suitable for that role before applying.