Continuing Sir Peter Blake's legacy

Posted by Andrew on December 6, 2013

Today marks twelve years since Sir Peter Blake was murdered by pirates on the Amazon River. At the time, Blake Expeditions was in the region to highlight the importance of the Amazon Basin. They had journeyed there from an exploration in the Antarctic. Sir Peter Blake had first become a household name in New Zealand for winning the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989 / 1990 on Steinlager 2 - on his fifth attempt and in a record time. In 1995 he led the Team New Zealand syndicate to win the Americas Cup for New Zealand.

In the aftermath of Sir Peter's death in 2001, the Sir Peter Blake Trust has continued his work in celebrating and working on projects relating to Sir Peter's three great legacies - LEADERSHIP, ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS and YACHTING. In 2006, our Managing Director Andrew Berry was honoured by the Sir Peter Blake Trust with a Blake Leadership Award. He has been fortunate enough to remain involved with the Trust and accompanied the first Young Blake Expedition to the Kermadec Islands in August 2013, along with 30 Young Voyagers and the Royal New Zealand Navy. 

Young Blake Expeditions work continues in 2014 and 2015 with an expedition to the Sub Antarctic Islands onboard the HMNZS Wellington. From everyone at Superior Personnel, we wish the voyagers on this latest Young Blake Expedition, all the very best. You are following in mightly footsteps and we take a moment today to remember Sir Peter Blake's life, tragically cut short 12 years ago.