Do you have a work Christmas party coming up?

Posted by Andrew on November 22, 2019

The silly season is quickly approaching with only 5 weeks (or 33 days!) left until we depart for the year to spend time with our whanau, friends, eat good food and hang at the beach.

Do you have a work Christmas party coming up?

While for some workers, the work Christmas party (or non-denominational end-of-year party) is something to dread, for others it’s a welcome opportunity to eat, drink and be merry.

Here are some tips to make sure you have a great time and leave a good impression, regardless of whether you’re the boss or an employee.


1. Show up and get in the spirit of things

This means trying to get in the spirit and have some fun, even if a BBQ/ bowling/ high ropes course isn’t your idea of a good time.

By getting involved, you’ll come across as a team player and a good sport – which is equally important for every member of the business.


2. Don’t exploit the bar tab

Let’s face it – with its ability to loosen lips, cloud judgement and remove inhibitions, alcohol is the common denominator in virtually every work party horror story.

Keeping boozing to a minimum will not only prevent a nasty hangover, it’ll help preserve the professional reputation you’ve worked so hard for.

Drink responsibly. Don't forget where you are – technically, still at work because you're with the work crowd, so treat the party as an extension to your workday. If there is one thing that can besmirch a reputation, it's getting out of control on the liquor at the work Christmas party.


3.Make sure you eat enough

Even if you’re sticking to a sensible two or three-drink limit, it’s important to line your stomach.

Heat, dehydration and hunger can make alcohol hit harder, faster. So, eat up to avoid getting tipsier than intended.


4. Don’t air your work grievances or engage in gossip

The work Christmas party is not the time to discuss salaries. It’s also poor form to gossip about your colleagues, complain about your boss or criticise your customers or suppliers.

A good rule of thumb for work parties (and life in general)? If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all.


5. Remember where you are

Despite its informal nature, the end-of-year party is a work function. This means acting and dressing in a professional manner.

Professional doesn’t have to mean dull. But, if it’s something HR wouldn’t allow in the work place, it has no place at a work party


6. Don’t be a bore

Your work party is the perfect opportunity to down tools and have some well-earned fun after a long year. So, try not to spend the whole party discussing politics.

Like you, your colleagues, staff and clients will have a life outside of the work grind. Exercise your curiosity and ask about their families, hobbies and interests. You might just find you have something in common.

7. Make an effort to socialise

Even if you’re shy, try to step outside your comfort zone and get to know your colleagues and clients better. There are few times everyone will be as relaxed and receptive.

Instead of sticking like glue to your ‘work spouse’, be brave and make an effort to mingle with as many guests as possible. You never know what friendships or new opportunities might come from flexing your networking muscle.