Most common mistakes to avoid during an Interview

Posted by Andrew on April 26, 2019

I have sat through a lot of successful and unsuccessful interviews throughout the past few years. I have also interviewed many applicants while working here at superior personnel on a daily basis. Keeping both in mind here are six common interview mistakes that I’ve seen time and time again. All of these can be easily avoided if you prepare and know what to look out for.

  1. Arriving late - suggests bad time management skills, make sure you show up at least 10 minutes prior to interview.

  2. Using your phone during the interview - Make sure your phone is on silent and that you do not answer your phone or text during the interview process. Not only is it rude and disruptive, but it's a pretty clear message to your potential employer that getting the job is not your top priority.

  3. Talking too much - Keep your answers succinct, to-the-point and focused and don't ramble, simply answer the question. Do not talk about personal life, no matter how warm and welcoming the interviewer is, an interview is a professional situation.

  4. Do not badmouth your previous employer or co-workers - you want to let your prospective employer know that you can work well with other people and handle conflicts in a mature way. You don't want the employer to think that you may speak ill of their company if you leave on bad terms.

  5. Dress appropriately -  first impression is very important, what you wear plays an important role in that first impression. Do not show up to an interview ungroomed.

  6. Discussing money too early - If they do ask what you’re looking for during the interview, tell them you’re negotiable based on the range and then get down to business when the offer finally comes in. There is a time and place to negotiate salary rather than letting the employer know that you only want work if they pay you a certain amount.

Candidates are put under pressure when they want to secure the right role committing a number of common mistakes due to either nerves or lack of preparation.If you can avoid these common mistakes, you will most likely complete your interview successfully, walking away knowing you did everything you could do.