Reminder about Annual Leave and Sick Leave

Posted by Andrew on August 23, 2019

Taking leave is something everyone does at some point or the other. Life is unpredictable and tends to surprise us. Often this means having to juggle things around, resulting in having to take hours or days off work.

There are two main types of leave – Sick leave and Annual leave.

Annual leave needs to be used appropriately. Annual leave is important in order to create a work life balance however you need to make sure we are aware of it BEFORE you go on leave.

The rules around annual leave at Superior Personnel are as follows:

Annual Leave

  • For any period of annual leave, a written request must be provided to your consultant BEFORE the leave is taken.

  • Annual leave can only be taken at a time agreed between staff and Superior Personnel.

  • You MUST apply for annual holidays before you take a holiday - Leave will not be paid where staff retrospectively ask for leave to cover unexplained or unapproved absences

  • This is covered in Clause 12 of the contract that is signed with us and all employees must abide to this. 

With sick leaves however it is slightly different. At Superior Personnel the rules around sick leave are as follows:

Sick Leave.

  • To be eligible, staff must have worked on a placement for us for 6 months or more 

  • You should advise Superior Personnel that they were sick on the day of absence or immediately (as practicable) afterwards. Informing us the following week is not acceptable.

  • Anything more than 2 days sick requires a medical certificate

If you aren't sure what your annual and sick leave entitlements are, feel free to give us a call.