Temping - the highs and lows

Posted by Andrew on April 13, 2017

There are a multitude of reasons of why people choose to engage in temporary working arrangements. For some it may be the best way to maintain a flexible lifestyle and for others it may be simply a stepping stone on the way to permanent full time work.

Temporary work involves a three way relationship between the client, the agency and the candidate. The client needs workers who are able to do the job effectively and available at short notice for a specified period of time. The agency needs reliable people to fill the role and represent the agency and the candidate needs work for a source of income, gaining experience and potential opportunities for the future. Each party relies on the other for mutual benefit.

Temp workers face numerous challenges at work such as pay rates, sporadic job opportunities, bias by coworkers. However these problems can be easily resolved when working with a good agency:
• Pay issues can be resolved by making your expectations clear from the start to the agency. Once you are placed in an assignment there is less room for negotiation. If the consultant knows that you are only looking for a set amount, they can accordingly allocate roles for you.
• In terms of job opportunities again be clear to your agency what type of roles you are looking for and whether you are willing to consider other roles. Be reasonable in your expectations and make your skills relevant to the roles that you are looking for. This will make it easier to be placed in good opportunities.

Clients also need to ensure that they make a friendly environment for temp workers and make them feel welcomed regardless of the amount of time the assignment is for. Temporary workers should not be treated as disposable assets, and instead should be valued and treated justly. In return the candidate must also prove themselves to be reliable, trustworthy and efficient.

A key step for the clients, consultant and candidate is to ensure there is clear communication between all the parties involved. If there are set expectations, it is easier for all parties to assess performance and open up the door for future opportunities. Temporary work has its challenges but it also has its victories.

At Superior Personnel, we believe in “Great People Building Great Businesses” and thus our consultants make sure they represent the client and the candidate in order to sustain a mutually beneficial working arrangement. We strive to ensure that both our clients and our candidates receive the highest quality of customer service at all times.