The differences between an in-house recruiter and agency recruiters

Posted by Andrew on July 12, 2019

There will be a point in time where each growing company will need someone to manage their hiring process and efforts. Especially if there is more than one vacancy to fill, they would need someone just to put on adverts, write job descriptions, creating a pool of candidates, arranging interviews, doing background checks and many more before they could hire someone. In this instance they have two choices, they could either hire an in-house recruiter who would manage all that is mentioned above or outsource the responsibilities to a recruiting agency.

Agency recruiters move very fast, wanting to fill the roles as soon as possible. They would most likely have a pool of candidates ready to work so you can get right into interviews. They will present you with more than one candidate so that the organization has a group of candidates to decide from unlike in-house recruiters where they would have to take on the long process to get one candidate.

If you use an agency, you should be able to find more qualified candidates in a shorter amount of time. However, with in-house recruiting, the organization will have to invest more time and effort into finding the right candidate. Although both have their certain advantages and disadvantages, which one would suit better depends on the current and future needs along with the resources that are available.