Want to answer the 5 trickiest INTERVIEW questions?

Posted by Andrew on November 15, 2019

Want to answer the 5 trickiest INTERVIEW questions?

The worst mistake you can make in an interview is to try to “fake” an answer or tell them what you think they want to hear.

Don’t do it!

You have amazing skills, experience and qualifications so showcase them and be AUTHENTIC.

Employers are looking to hire YOU. So just BE yourself!

Here are some suggestions and tips to help you prepare for your next interview. Remember that all interview questions are best answered truthfully and based on personal experience.

1. “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

Although this question might seem vague, there are specific things you should keep in mind that will help you narrow down what you’re going to tell your interviewer.

First, remember that this is an opportunity to sell yourself and tell your interviewer how you fit into the role at hand.

For example:

WHAT I am + WHO I am = WHY I am a good candidate for this role.

2. “What is your biggest weakness?”

This is a hard question because there is no easy answer! Interviewers want to see if you can be honest, have a degree of self-awareness, and are compatible with the job.

State weakness + how you overcome it, compensate for it, are working on it etc. Turn your weakness into a challenge.

3. “Why did you leave your last job?”

If your job was seasonal, Temporary or part-time, this is easy to answer. But what if you were fired, or if you still have a job? Tell the truth, but avoid trashing former bosses or employers.

4. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”

Describe personal career growth, goals and ambitions WITH the company you are interviewing for.

The interviewer wants to understand more about your career goals and how this position would fit into your grand plan. They care about your career goals because they want to hire someone who is motivated, proactive, and likely to stick around and work hard if hired.

5. “Do you have any questions for me?”

Nothing feels worse than ending an interview by sheepishly saying no not that I can think of. Interviewing can be overwhelming at the best of times so here are a few example questions to have a think about. If you think of any questions after the interview has finished, call or email your recruitment consultant to ask them – its important that both you and your consultant know all the facts and feel comfortable.

What are the good and bad parts of working for this company?

How is the work-life balance?

Can you tell me about the company culture?

Do you have any concerns about me or my application?