Why reference checks are important.?

Posted by Andrew on June 14, 2019

Reference checks are conducted to ensure and verify the candidate has the experience and skills they claim in their interview/resume. It allows recruiters to get full insight on the candidate’s previous job performance.

When you provide a referee, you must make sure that you are sourcing the right one. The referee must be in a position to make a comment about the you and your work performance, someone like the manager, team leader or supervisor. It must be someone that you reported to during work rather than colleagues and friends.

There are many ways to do reference checks for example it can be done through phone, in writing, by email, or in person. Sometimes the referees may not be comfortable giving reference in writing about their ex/current employees. Therefore, getting information through the phone is the most convenient way to do so.

Make sure to let your referees know that you are looking/applying for jobs. Ask them if they could be your referee in case of a job interview, make sure that they are ready to speak to those who may call. It is very important that you provide the correct contact information of the referees for the hiring manager. Make sure to not provide any false information about the referee, such as making your ‘friend’s’ do the reference as your manager. The hiring managers have access to check whether the person you have given is really a manager at the provided company.

Hiring managers don’t need your reference from 10 years ago, they just need the most recent, and preferably the most relevant references to your current role. As a general rule, 2/3 references are usually enough and the hiring manager will ask for more if needed. The best, and the only way to make sure you get a good reference is to simply be a good employee. If your work ethic is strong, your performance will speak for itself. Reference checks may seem like a formality but in reality it can often the deciding factor between being shortlisted to being employed by the company.