Why should you have reliable transport?

Posted by Andrew on June 4, 2019


The ability to get to work everyday and on time is very important as it plays a huge role in getting hired. Most employers are reluctant to hire people who do not have their own reliable transport especially if work starts early mornings where it’s hard to get public transport. Public transports can be very unreliable in terms of getting to work on time, many employers may have already faced this issue.


In saying that relying on your friends for a ride isn’t “reliable transportation”. If you need to rely on public transports and can only work shift that match the transport hours, mention it at the interview. Let them know what you will be willing to do in order to get to work.


Employers could have work available, closer to public transport routes, which would work for some but for others who tend to look at the distance they must travel and how much they must pay for the fares, may turn out to be difficult.