Why you should read your contract before signing it.

Posted by Andrew on June 28, 2019

Reading through your contract is an important step although it may be the last thing on your mind. Some avoid reading through the contracts due to the length of them. There are 4 things you must look for before signing any given contract.


Description of your job:

You must know what is required of you at work, what the role and duties are. What your employer can ask you to do. If it’s not informative then you must ask them to make it precise, so that you don’t find yourself doing things you cannot do. Ending up in dealing with a heavier workload than you imagined.


You should know when and how they will pay you. You must also make sire that the salary the employer and you have negotiated is also included.


You must read the terms of termination closely. In terms of the superior personnel contract 19 – Termination of agreement states that ‘This agreement may be terminated by either party by giving one week’s notice in writing’. In order to leave you must provide one weeks’ notice, if not and you leave without notice, superior personnel is entitled to deduct up to five days pay. This will be deemed as abandonment of your employment.

Period of employment:

Make sure you read and know in advance what you are getting into. With temp agencies you are not given a full-time permanent job on the spot. For example, with superior personnel and most agencies you are on a 90-day trial basis. You are employed on an “as and when required” basis.  Some contracts will state that there is no obligation for you to accept assignment that you are offered. In saying that some contracts might say that they are no obliged to offer you work or assignments.


It is ideal that you read through the contract thoroughly. You should have a clear picture of what you are about to sign up for. If you do not understand it then ask for clarification, but take your time to read it or take it home to have another set of eyes to go through it.