Big changes for exServices Recruitment

Big changes for exServices Recruitment

Posted by designerwebsites on May 12, 2017

Since we started exServices Recruitment in mid 2016, we have been thrilled with the support that you – the exServices personnel around NZ – have shown to the concept. We firmly believe that exServices personnel have a skillset that can provide them and their employer with an advantage over the competition – dependability, initiative, leadership, professional presence and integrity are all things that are drilled into you from Day 1.

We have been looking at how to improve our service to you and how to get the message out to clients.

From today, we are turning the model of recruitment upside down – instead of us listing available jobs – we will be listing available exServices personnel across New Zealand. We are going to be heavily promoting this to employers as well.

How does it work:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Register Here” tab
  3. Fill in this information as fully as possible
    1. Complete your name fully – only your first name will show publically
    2. Under experience – don’t list  all your military/police/fire deployments – we suggest you list skills such as qualifications, achievements, competencies. This is a free text box so the more you list the better
    3. Where are you looking – you can choose more than one region…..just use the “ctrl” key to click on and select multiple regions
    4. Availability – that is how long before you would be available to start work for a new employer
    5. Once you are happy with it – click “Submit” and it will come to us.
    6. exServices Recruitment will review it and send it back to you for confirmation – this is why your email address is so important.
    7. Once confirmed it will be put up on the website in the “Available Staff” tab and available for employers to search
    8. When employers are interested in someone on the “Available Staff” page, we will get in touch with you.

Remember – your surname and personal contact details will NOT be shown – they are for our reference only to stay in touch with you when we have an employer interested in meeting with you.

There is no cost to you for listing your skills on the site – we will never charge exServices personnel. We charge the employer once they recruit you!

If you have any questions, feel free to give Andrew a call (027 5937143) or drop us an email –