Have you served in our Military or Emergency Services?

Have you served in our Military or Emergency Services?

Posted by designerwebsites on June 24, 2016

exServices Recruitment is a very unique business within the New Zealand recruitment industry. At its core, exServices Recruitment facilitates and manages the recruitment of Military and Emergency Services personnel into private sector companies.

Leveraging off Andrew's background in the New Zealand Police, exServices Recruitment connects ex Police, Fire and Military staff to civilian employment opportunities. Based on Andrew's own experience, the transition from a uniformed service to the private sector is often difficult and can take several roles to really find your feet.

Over the next few weeks we will share with you what we think those attributes are that make exServices personnel an attractive option for private sector employers. The key point is that the way you were conditioned to operate in the Military, Police and Fire Service makes your skills and attitude an attractive proposition for employers.

In the meantime, if you have Military, Police or Fire experience and you are looking for a new role that fits you, call Andrew on (027) 5937143 or andrew@exservices.co.nz

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