Building and Assets administrator

Full time, Contract/Temp

Roll up your sleeves - this hands on role is looking for a switched on factory floor administrator , who can ensure that the Building and Assets of the Company are compliant and maintained .

No two days will be the same.

You will :

  • Be responsible for tool assessments, tool repairs, tool swaps,and guidelines and updating SOP's
  • Be responsible for loan tools and equipment - and keeping that register up to date.
  • Be responsible for the service requirements of the Building and Assets.
  • Supervise all tagging and testing for all site equipment .
  • Issue and document consumables to Workshops and the Workshop as requested.
  • Maintain stock level of all consumables, safety gear, stock, restock and re order.
  • Be responsible for all incoming stock and couriers, out goings and in-comings and noting them down.


This role doesn't allow you to sit down all day- if the information doesn't exist, you will need to walk the factory floor and find it !

Along with some desired competencies such as :

  • Analytical thinking.
  • Initiative, trouble shooting and problem solving.
  • Business savvy and awareness.
  • Strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Having a positive approach to change.


Most of all, you will need to have a quick wit, smart thinking and sense of humour to get along with this crowd.

Apply today, as this role is currently vacant .

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